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Lead (Pb) in Paint Analysis
Waste Acceptance Criteria and WAC Testing
Lead (Pb) in Paint Analysis

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Peeling Lead PaintA particular area of growth where potentially large volumes of toxic/hazardous waste can be generated is the building demolition / redevelopment industry. This includes lead in paints and rubble materials.

As part of WAC Testing the laboratory offers a fast, reliable and accurate test to confirm and quantify levels of lead (Pb) present in any particular waste stream including lead typically used in old paint.

Assuming the lead is present as the ‘worst case’ lead compound (Red Lead (Pb3O4) ) the waste will be considered hazardous if the Red Lead is 70.25% (Pb3O4) when considering Ecotoxic affects (R50, R53) in any homogeneous waste.

The laboratory’s testing will give a clear indication of waste classification i.e.:

  • <0.25 % (Pb3O4 Red Lead is Non – Hazardous
  • >0.25 % (Pb3O4 Red Lead is Hazardous

WAC testing was introduced to supplement the revised changes to the Hazardous Waste and Landfill regulations in 2005.

WAC is primarily a compliance test (PASS/FAIL) against regulatory limit values.

In the event that lead waste falls into the category of Hazardous waste further testing may be required.

UKAS Testing 2766The additional test involves applying an acceptance leaching test, which requires taking of a representative sample of the waste and subjecting it primarily to leaching in water under specific test conditions. Acceptance limits for lead (Pb) are outlined in the Waste Acceptance Criteria tests.

Method of Chemical Analysis for Lead in Paint

Only a small quantity of paint flakes are required for assessment. The technique involves leaching of the material under test in mineral acid to extract any soluble lead from the matrix and analysing. Analysis is performed under UKAS accredited testing procedures using Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS).

Please contact us to discuss your needs in detail, and we will be happy to issue a very competative no-obligation quotation.

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Waste Characterisation for Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) and Lead in Paint Analysis
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