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Carbon Fibre Composite Fracture SurfaceThe members of staff at LPD Lab Services have over 155 man-years of industrial process and product support experience between them, covering a diverse range of products and processes applied to an extensive variety of chemicals and materials. The products and processes can be investigated and characterised by a broad range of materials analysis, microsocopy and chemical analysis techniques.

Some generic process areas we have particular expertise are listed below with downloadable Applications Notes:

As an industrial laboratory we understand the need for quick and sensible solutions with a clear communication throughout. We pride ourselves on providing a high standard of customer service and take the approach of providing a ‘value added’ service i.e. we tend not to just report the analytical results but we can offer recommendations and context oriented interpretation where this is required at the process change or work instruction level as required. We do this by closely working confidentially with customers to understand their needs and processes in detail, delivering timely practical solutions.

List ALL Application Notes

Application Notes
Document Title View
Investigation of Stainless steel strip laser welding problems - Solved using Auger Electron Spectroscopy depth profiling.
Aqueous degreasing replacement of solvent based cleaning processes for environmental reasons - SIMS reveals the pitfalls.
Effectiveness of an Aqueous degreasing process evaluated and improved by XPS.
Process control monitoring of TV screen glass composition using XRF analysis.
Sputter problem solving and target end of life determination by SIMS.
Metal component thermal blackening process failure solved by SIMS
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