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Range of Applications

This section lists a range of applications where the laboratory has specific expertise and some downloadable links pdf files (using Adobe Acrobat reader).  These application note files are short case studies to demonstrate some of the capabilities of single or multiple analytical techniques, the relevance to the industrial problems they helped our staff to solve or the Routine Analysis we carried out to monitor or help control raw materials or processes.

An index of example typical work carried out by LPD lab Services is also provided since it began doing 3rd Party work in earnest in 2003.

Application Notes
Document Title View
Investigation of Stainless steel strip laser welding problems - Solved using Auger Electron Spectroscopy depth profiling.
Aqueous degreasing replacement of solvent based cleaning processes for environmental reasons - SIMS reveals the pitfalls.
Effectiveness of an Aqueous degreasing process evaluated and improved by XPS.
Identification of the type and source of particulate contamination in a ceramic component using SEM/EDX.
Process control monitoring of TV screen glass composition using XRF analysis.
Sputter problem solving and target end of life determination by SIMS.
Metal component thermal blackening process failure solved by SIMS
GC & XPS of Thermal processed Ni Cr & Catalytic Activity.
Distinguishing Spin Cast Polymers with XPS
Environmental Monitoring of Industrial Waste waters and Effluent Discharges
Environmental Monitoring of Contaminated Atmospheres
Pharmaceutical Particle Counting, Size Measurement and Chemical Analysis by SEM/EDX
Contaminant Particle Identification and Elimination
Waste Characterisation for Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) and Lead in Paint Analysis
Determination of Surface Tension and Wettability of Liquid on Solid Surfaces
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