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LPD Lab Services has a range of mechanical tests that can assess the mechanical properties of a wide array of materials, including metals, plastics, composites, laminates, adhesives, coatings and ceramics.

Understanding the mechanical properties of a material can help ensure a component has a robust design or aid in finding the root causes of mechanical failure.

LPD Lab Services can also offer a detailed analysis of mechanical and materials failures using a number of analytical techniques.

LPD Lab Services has mechanical testing facilities for tensile, compressive, bending tests and friction measurements. Tests can be carried out to failure of components as well as measurements of adhesion bond strengths using peel, delamination and wedge tests.

For situations where a detailed insight is required on the structure of a joint or bond, we can offer a metallographic analysis using a number of sectioning and imaging methods.

If hardness testing is required LPD Lab Services has facilities to test several material types.

Details of the laboratory’s capabilities for tensile, hardness testing of materials and metallograhic analysis can be found via the links below.


Materials Analysis and Failure Investigation

Raw material, product and component materials analysis achieved by combining chemical, materials science, failure analysis, reverse engineering and industrial process experience coupled with materials analysis techniques.

Metallurgy Failure Analysis and Consultancy

Metallurgy relates to extraction of metals from their ores, refining crude metals, producing alloys, shaping and the manipulation of properties. Metallurgy involves examination and characterisation of the structure of metals and alloys as well as failure investigation.

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