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Optical Microscopy and Image Analysis
Cross-Sectional Preparation and Analysis
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Optical Microscopy and Image Analysis
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SEM Image of Fracture Cross-section through Coated Porous MetalCross-section preparation is a very powerful way of examining how a material, laminate or component is assembled, manufactured, for determining how different layers interact or in the hunt for the mechanisms causing a failure.  In all of these cases it is vital that any cross-section preparation does not disturb, smear or alter the sample otherwise the wrong conclusions can be reached.  The choice of the technique to generate the section, therefore, is vital as is the skill and experience of the individual preparing the sample, particularly when samples are scarce.

LPD Lab Services has a diverse range of polishing and cross-section preparation equipment.  The skill in careful preparation stems from many years of work on micro-engineering and reverse engineering. 

Types of cross-section include:-

  • Polished cross-sections of metals, glasses, ceramics and coated materials.
  • Fracture cross-sections of brittle materials and materials that undergo a ductile-brittle transition.
  • Scalpel cut cross-sections of soft materials such as polymers and laminates


SEM Image of Metallurgical Polished Cross-section Showing different PhasesCross-sectional analysis can be used for a range of different reasons and the samples inspected by Optical Microscopy or SEM / EDX.  Features on calibrated images can be measured and quantified manually or by image analysis.

Cross-sections can be, for example, used for:-


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