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SpannerThere can be a range of reasons why a laboratory customer wants chemicals deformulated or material products reverse engineered. This will determine how a product is physically and chemically designed and manufactured and uses LPD Lab Services staff diverse experience in manufacturing techniques.

Why a laboratory customer might want to deformulate a product:-

  • A competitor’s product exhibits a performance benefit over a customer’s product.
  • A customer wants to benchmark all the competitors’ products and processes against his own for sales and marketing reasons.
  • A competitor product may infringe a patent that a customer has lodged on their own product
  • A customer wants to find out what materials or manufacturing processes a competitor is using as part of development or yield improvement activities to shortcut customers product development time and costs
  • To explore the subtleties of a customer’s own manufacturing process to better understand how it operates as part of product and process development. Alternatively it might be to reduce the risk of process down time or rejects in a recognised higher risk activity perhaps highlighted by FMEA
  • As part of manufacturing ramp up and industrialisation activities

To address these issues LPD Lab Services offer a taylor-made comprehensive or limited service as required in both:-

Specialist Chemical Product Deformulation and Reformulation

Deformulation of chemical products to determine their composition, how they are manufactured and substitute or improve recipes to stimulate or improve the products performance.

Materials, Product and Process Reverse Engineering

Detailed physical and chemical reverse engineering of products and processes to determine how and what they have been made of for patent infringements and competitor analysis reasons to steer customer’s product development activities.

Contact Dr. Steve Jenkins, Mike Ellicott or Dr Howard Coulson to discuss your needs in detail and we will be happy to issue a no-obligation quotation.

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