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stopwatchThe cost of releasing an unreliable product on the market can be huge. Product recalls, costly product redesign, damage to brand image and in extreme cases legal action. Therefore it is vital that reliability should be considered early in the design and development of any product or process where the cost of any design changes is much less.

Validating the reliability performance of a product can also be time consuming and incur considerable expenditure. Poorly executed projects can in the worst case consume large amounts of time and money and yet yield no real useful information.

LPD Lab Services have many years of experience of reliability engineering and can support your reliability validation program at all stages.

LPD Lab Services can offer you the following services:

  • Consultancy services to assist you in your initial design phase to help you plan your successful reliability program.
  • The laboratory can offer a bespoke product testing service combining the controlled simulation of chemical and environmental factors under normal or highly accelerated life testing (HALT) conditions. It can also offer interpretation of other laboratory’s results.
  • Chemical and physical characterisation before and after the testing to provide information on key parameters that are critical to achieving the target reliability performance.
  • Devise and implement strategies from its product, process development and industrialisation expertise.
  • Our Six Sigma trained staff are able to support a rigorous statistical analysis of reliability data and in some cases employ models that enable testing times to be reduced.
  • Analysis of field / in service products to understand causes of failures or degradation mechanisms.
  • FMEA to identify risks and generate practical contingency actions.

If you would like to discuss in more detail how LPD Lab Services can help you with your reliability projects and issues please contact Dr Wyndham Johnstone.

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