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The particle identification methodology is key for root cause identification in dust and debris investigations. Isolating then characterising the range of particles present using optical microscopy and SEM/EDX is the first step to eliminating the issue. Once this has been performed then a likely source of the particles can be established. The particles can be type matched against potential sources of particulates in a customer’s process or identified blind using LPD Lab Services’ experience in particle identification. In situations of complex sets of dust and debris evaluation work can be carried out by SEM/EDX Automated Particle Characterisation and Analysis.

This knowledge, coupled with insight into the customer’s production process allows the laboratory to advise as to the likely cause. This can lead to a rapid elimination or further focussed tracking of the particles by taking samples at various points back through the process. This eliminates possible candidates and can point directly at the source, such as decaying pipework or gaskets, contaminated feed material or other sources.

Glass Particle

SEM image of Glass Particle found in filter, particle source was found to be ground glass joints in pipework.

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