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LPD Labservices has a strong track record in working for a variety of clients in the automotive sector in all stages of the supply chain from Primes to tier 1 and tier 2 subcomponent suppliers.

With quality issues being pushed down the supply chain by the Primes and ever increasing price pressure, there is increased emphasis on suppliers to address their quality issues and increase product yield. We can work with customers on a large variety of issues on totally confidential terms:

Solving Problems

We are uniquely positioned to provide analysis and consultancy to solve a range of industrial problems such as: adhesion failures, contamination issues, premature service and warranty failures and many others. With extensive experience in structured problem solving techniques (e.g. 6δ and Kepner Tregoe) and root cause analysis we can become an integral part of your problem solving team and work with your staff. This approach, coupled with the wide range of analytical tools available to us allows to rapidly contain and ultimately comprehensively solve issues.

Addressing Productivity, Quality and Yield Issues

With experience gained from our on-site high volume quality driven manufacturing and a large range of projects for clients we can offer a service to improve your manufacturing yield using structured techniques to understand the issues involved in each section of the pareto of yield issues as well as offering practical advice to better controlling a process or change it for the better.

Research and Development and Benchmarking

We also undertake research and development projects, particularly where these may involve significant analysis and practical consultancy work. Examples of these are competitor benchmarking studies, product improvement projects and investigation into new manufacturing methods and process improvement.


Typical Applications of Expertise

Particular areas where we have worked with the automotive industry are:

Contact Dr. Steve Jenkins or Mike Ellicott to discuss your needs in detail and we will be happy to issue a no-obligation quotation.

Application Notes
Document Title View
Investigation of Stainless steel strip laser welding problems - Solved using Auger Electron Spectroscopy depth profiling.
Aqueous degreasing replacement of solvent based cleaning processes for environmental reasons - SIMS reveals the pitfalls.
Effectiveness of an Aqueous degreasing process evaluated and improved by XPS.
Identification of the type and source of particulate contamination in a ceramic component using SEM/EDX.
Metal component thermal blackening process failure solved by SIMS
GC & XPS of Thermal processed Ni Cr & Catalytic Activity.
Contaminant Particle Identification and Elimination
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