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Weld cross-section using EDX mapping in SEMLPD Lab Services can provide you with a large selection of materials analysis techniques and experience to solve your materials and product analysis issues. We offer a unique combination of chemical, physical and surface analysis that give answers to a wide array of problems.

LPD Lab Services has a diverse range of analytical techniques for performing materials and chemical analysis. This includes:
SEM/EDX, FTIR, FTIR Microscopy, XPS, SIMS, HPLC, GC, GC-MS, Pyrolysis GC-MS, optical microscopy, contact angle measurements, mechanical testing, DSC and TGA.

The scientific instruments at our disposal are run by a group of highly experienced members of our technical staff who are used to turning complex data into understandable information giving the practical answers you need. We have a proven track record in industrial support and problem solving that delivers a unique, proactive and rapidly responding technical service.

Our materials analysis expertise has been used to provide product and component material analysis and process characterisation to generate improved performance, quality, and cost reduction to a wide range of industries. LPD Lab Services has both the materials industrial process experience and materials analysis instrumentation to characterise and solve product and process problems in a cost and time efficient manner.

LPD Lab Services experience in failure analysis allows us to skillfully dismantle products and components to solve problems, determine material and product shortcomings or benchmark competitors. These skills can also be used to reverse engineer products to reveal the production methods and materials as well as drive product quality improvement or cost reduction programs.

Materials Analysis and Failure Investigation

Raw material, product and component materials analysis achieved by combining chemical, materials science, failure analysis, reverse engineering and industrial process experience coupled with materials analysis techniques.

Physical, Structural and Microstructural Analysis

Analysis of physical properties and inspection of structure and microstructure of chemicals, materials and assembled products to better understand the make up of product or component for reverse engineering, failure investigations or root cause problem solving.

Metallurgy and Failure Analysis

Metallurgy relates to extraction of metals from their ores, refining crude metals, producing alloys, shaping and the manipulation of properties. Metallurgy involves examination and characterisation of the structure of metals and alloys as well as failure investigation.

Chemical Analysis

introduces the chemical analytical techniques available, applications and capabilities of the laboratory for raw material analysis, contaminant investigation, quality control and solving problems. Samples can be solids, liquids and gases.

Materials and Chemical Analytical Techniques

provides a categorised list of the range of analytical techniques available at LPD Lab Services for performing materials and chemical analysis

Instrument Selection, Method Development and Technology Transfer

Instrument consultancy service to generate cost effective client projects and staffing when suitably experienced staff are hard to recruit or not needed full time for complex tests. This offers the opportunity to employee less experienced staff or routinely outsource the measurement and quality control activity, with ongoing lab support as required. 

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