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FTIR InstrumentFTIR Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometry is a sensitive technique particularly for identifying organic chemicals in a whole range of situations including solid, liquid and gas samples. FTIR can also be used to characterise some inorganic compounds. It may be used to identify both pure compounds and simple mixtures.

LPD Lab Services instruments also feature an ATR imaging system that enables the collection of high resolution infrared images of extremely small samples to examine the composition of individual particles and materials based on FTIR spectral data.  Examples include paints, adhesives, resins, polymers, rubbers, coatings, pharmaceuticals and additives used in food and other consumer goods. It is a particularly useful tool in isolating and characterising organic contamination.

Typical Applications of FTIR and FTIR Microscopy


FTIR Microscopy and High Magnification ATR-FTIR

Details of the capabilities and typical applications of the FTIR microscope, its ATR crystals designed to chemically image and analyse down to 1.5micron sample features for solids and liquids as well as conduct NIR analysis at LPD Lab Services.  

FTIR Microscope, FTIR and NIR Spectrophotometer Instrument

Details of the state of the art FTIR Microscope instrument, ATR-FTIR and NIR Spectrophotometer at LPD Lab Services for small and large sample analysis.

FTIR Spectrophotometer Instrument

Jasco 4100 FTIR spectrophotometer instrument Capable of analysing organic and polymer solids, liquids and gases with small samples analysed by diamond or germanium HATR crystal anvils.

Near Infra Red NIR Analysis

NIR is used for a range of organic materials characterisation including to generation of information about functional groups such as hydroxyl, ethyl or amide in a molecule for plastics, raw materials and pharmaceuticals.

Principles of FTIR and NIR Spectrophotometry and Preparation

Capabilities of the FTIR technique, its principles based on chemical bond natural frequency of vibration. Details of sample preparation procedures used at LPD Lab Services to prepare solid, liquid and gas samples even when samples available are very small.

Application Notes
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Contaminant Particle Identification and Elimination
Determination of Surface Tension and Wettability of Liquid on Solid Surfaces

Our site experts on FTIR are Aeryn May, Kim Nickson and Mike Ellicott.

Please contact us to discuss how your requirements can be met using this or any of our analytical techniques.

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