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The transition from a one-off product to an industrialised product frequently unearths many unexpected problems which, if not solved, can be financially expensive for production yield or product quality and reproducibility. LPD Lab Services has over 140 man-years of product and process focused research and development support work. A significant proportion of this experience has involved industrial support turning ideas into a developed volume manufactured product.

LPD Lab Services’ mix of technical expertise, chemical analysis and materials analysis techniques coupled with an innovative but realistic approach with the application of modern problem solving techniques means issues are rapidly and cost effectively solved. Components and assemblies can be reverse engineered to unearth defects and offer practical solutions. Benchmarking of competitor’s products can also provide direction for product and process strategic development.

The laboratory offers materials and chemical product and process development. Advice can be made on improvements and alternative designs. LPD Lab Services can offer close co-operation as an extension of the customer’s own Research and Development departments giving access to a comprehensive range of laboratory techniques and experienced staff.

Materials and Chemical Analytical Techniques

This section details the range of analytical techniques at LPD Lab Services for perfoming materials analysis, microscopy and chemical analysis.

Materials Analysis and Failure Investigation

Product and component materials analysis achieved by combining chemistry, materials science, failure analysis, reverse engineering and industrial process experience coupled with materials analysis techniques.

Materials Product and Process Reverse Engineering

Detailed physical and chemical reverse engineering of products and processes to determine how and what they have been made of for patent infringements and competitor analysis reasons to steer customer’s product development activities.

Problem Solving and Industrial Approach

Industrial and technical problem solving requires the the right approach and knowledge to swiftly, comprehensively and cost effectively solve product and process issues.

Specialist Chemical Product Deformulation and Reformulation

Deformulation of chemical products to determine their composition, how they are manufactured and substitute or improve recipes to stimulate or improve the products performance.

Process Technical Expertise Areas

Over 156 man-years of industrial process support experience covering a diverse range of products and processes using different chemicals and materials that generates a value added interpretation service.

Industrialisation and Product and Process Development

LPD Lab Services has a significant amount of experience in taking one-off developed products and processes and industrialising them for mass production using the correct balance of project management and 6 sigma investigation techniques.

Instrument Selection, Method Development and Technology Transfer

Instrument consultancy service to generate cost effective client projects and staffing when suitably experienced staff are hard to recruit or not needed full time for complex tests. This offers the opportunity to employee less experienced staff or routinely outsource the measurement and quality control activity, with ongoing lab support as required. 

Product Lifetime and Shelf Life and Operational Testing

Quality products need to be suitably stable to generate sufficient shelf and operational lifetimes. The LPD lab Services can offer a bespoke product testing service together with appropriate advice on design modification to alleviate or improve their reliability.

Industrial Client Sectors

Typical clients for LPD Lab Services cover a diverse range of industrial sectors performing a variety of analytical and consultancy services.

Contact Dr. Steve Jenkins, Mike Ellicott or Dr Howard Coulson to discuss your needs in detail and we will be happy to issue a no-obligation quotation.

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